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Free Roof Inspection Blandon 

Free Roof Inspection Blandon 

Here are some tips and tricks on what to do:

Roof inspection
The first step is a roof inspection/estimate. You should look for tiles that are bubbling, rolling or missing. Boiling and twisted tiles can escape the strong winds and thunderstorms that this region of the country is experiencing in the spring. Missing tiles leave their roof vulnerable to water damage. If the roof is ten years old or older, shingles with missing granules mean the roof is thin and likely to be replaced.

Cleaning and repair of Gutters
Your gutters are a big part of the roof, so include this in your spring preparations. Gutters not only pull rainwater when it leaves the door but also channel water away from the roof and foundations. At least two to four times a year, you should clean the gutters and remove debris, leaves, small limbs and other things that have accumulated. This allows water to flow through the gutters to the downpipes.

Also, pay attention to breaks or cracks where gutters might leak. These things need to be repaired immediately so that your gutters do not come off the house. Also, check the ends of the downspouts and make sure they are free of grass growing above them. They need clear openings to work as expected.

Tree Trimming
Trees can give the house beauty, shade and damage to the roofs. Keep your limbs away from the ceiling. Not only do the low branches rub on the roof and remove the shingles, but they can do more damage in the storm with strong winds.

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