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If you have problems with your roof, first contact an experienced Local Roofing Company – Economy Roofing LLC. 610 372 4480

A roofer can perform a thorough inspection and properly assess the damage to your roof.

Roof maintenance can provide the necessary protection and save you a lot of money. If the structural integrity of your roof has not been compromised, consider repairing the roof before considering a complete roof replacement.

economy roofing roof inspection
5 benefits of roof maintenance.

Extends the life of your roof.

One of the main benefits of roof maintenance is that you can extend the life of your roof by several years.

Roof maintenance involves cleaning, repairing, sealing and covering a roof. This procedure ensures that your roof is in optimal condition and protected against future wear.

While the life of a commercial roof is usually about 20 years, its maintenance can allow your existing roof to run for years at a fraction of the cost of its replacement.

Save money

Roof maintenance is a less expensive alternative to complete roof replacement. As a result, many homeowners and businesses opt for regular roof maintenance instead of full roof replacement.

Since roof maintenance does not require tearing or removing the existing roof, homeowners can save a lot on labor. Compared to the cost of installing the complete roof.

Prevents leaks

If your roof is weak or poorly sealed, water and moisture can easily enter your property. Failure to handle water can lead to mold, rotting frames, coatings, broken insulation, damaged roofs, and other expensive damages to your home or business.


In addition to preventing rips, roof maintenance can reduce energy consumption. If there is air coming from your home or business, a roof check up could be saving money on your energy bill every month.

Tax benefits

If you are an entrepreneur, you can deduct the repair costs of your property during the tax period. Although roof replacement is considered capital improvement, roof maintenance is considered maintenance and is generally tax deductible.